UPDATE 8/4/23: WE PASSED! Odenton will reopen on 8/14

?We PASSED inspection!
The Grand RE-Opening of our Odenton Location is scheduled for Monday, August 14th!
As promised, new schedules will begin on August 14th in both locations. You can find them HERE
Thank you for your support and patience during our journey. We are grateful to everyone who donated to help defray the costs, everyone who drove to Pasadena to workout, everyone in Pasadena for welcoming us to their gym, everyone who prayed or sent vibes of positivity, and everyone who gave countless hours of help preparing the new space. It’s a long list?! Now, more than ever, this gym is YOUR GYM.
We are excited to celebrate with you on August 14th because THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! See you then!


UPDATE: Two thumbs up and all fingers crossed!
It’s the update we’ve all been waiting for. The update containing a positive vibe and a light at the end of the tunnel.
If the last update was titled LIMBO, this next update is titled PROGRESS. Since our last update, there has been SO MUCH PROGRESS!
We received approval from the landlord to begin our renovations in mid June and it has been a whirlwind ever since. Bathrooms are updated, walls painted, childcare decorated, furniture built, windows frosted, doors repaired, stage constructed, lighting refreshed, mirrors hung.
Sound system, fans, cardio equipment, weights and some finishing touches are all that remains on our end. The next big hurdles are the county permit process and the fire inspection.
We hesitate to put a reopening date on the project. If all goes well, we hope to be open in early August. Ultimately, that remains to be determined by the County and Fire Marshall. When those are complete, we can celebrate?!
Overall, we are giving two thumbs up for progress and crossing fingers for approval???. WE ARE SO CLOSE! (Estimated opening mid-August)

UPDATE 5/26/2023 : LIMBO

LIMBO. No, not the 1950’s dance craze.

We’ve been delaying this update because we were hoping to have something exciting to share. But the truth is that we are in a state of limbo regarding the new Odenton location. We’ve been stuck waiting for the next step and it’s a frustrating place to be.

Here’s the truth. Giant, as the anchor store of our new shopping center, secures the right to approve all new tenants. The signature of 3 executives is necessary. We have approval from 2.

Our real estate broker and the landlord have been attempting to obtain the final signature, but have been unable to do so. Heck, we’ve even tried to navigate our way through Giant’s corporate phone system ourselves!

In the meantime, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to secure funding, set up contractors, design the interior space, select materials, color pallets, fixtures, etc, so that when the approval is given, we can GO. But until we have that signature, we remain in limbo.

The signature could come this afternoon or it could take another month. The good news is that once we have it, we predict it will take only three weeks to complete the renovations necessary to open our doors.

The important question is: where does this leave you?  Short answer, also in limbo. But, you do have choices. We realize this is a longer wait than any of us anticipated. We appreciate your patience and your willingness to travel to Pasadena and to log in virtually for classes. Your sacrifices and loyalty are THE ONLY THING keeping us from throwing in the towel. But we also realize that it isn’t realistic to expect you to do this forever. Freezing your membership during this state of limbo is an option. Simply fill out the Contact Us form on our website.

The management team always strives to communicate honestly with our members–it’s one of the many things we feel sets us apart. The honest truth is that we have no opening date at this time. 

We said it in March and we continue to say it–Transformations is a community of strong women. Our gym is defined by our amazing people, not by the walls around us. We love & appreciate each and every one of you. PLEASE CONTINUE TO- Pray with us! Stand with us! Send all the good vibes! It is your support that keeps us going. Thank you!

UPDATE 5/1/2023

  • Transformations Odenton has a NEW LOCATION UNDERWAY! The new address will be 1159-B Annapolis Road in Odenton (in the Giant shopping center, behind the Post Office)

  • We ask for your patience and grace for the coming weeks and invite you to continue to attend your favorite classes in our PASADENA location or login VIRTUALLY. We will maintain the current schedule with only a few adjustments.

  • Please contact managers if you have connections to a space able to accommodate our classes & childcare.

Relocation Explanation


  • After 19 years in the Seven Oaks Shopping Center, the landlord is opting to lease our space to a medical care center that can pay far more rent than Transformations can afford.

  • Though Transformations has always paid rent (even throughout the pandemic) and acted as a role model tenant in the shopping center, the landlord gave us only 31 days to vacate. (Final day 3/31/2023)


Transformations is a community of strong women and we are excited to continue our mission to serve women in the Odenton area and beyond. Thank you for standing strong with us. Our community is strong because our membership is built on LIFTING EACH OTHER UP!  We appreciate you!

Our Response

  • We have petitioned for additional time and requested rent-back from the new tenant, but no one will respond.

  • We have sought temporary space from sports complexes, churches, community centers, rental halls in the Odenton area–no one can accommodate.

All Classes will be in Pasadena for the next few weeks!

Join us for your favorite classes at our Pasadena location — it’s not as far as you think!
Address: 8043-C Ritchie Highway, Pasadena