Begin Your Transformation...

to a Stronger, Happier & Healthier YOU!

Begin Your Transformation...

to a Stronger, Happier & Healthier YOU!


Pick a word. Commit to staying active. Win Prizes! 
The holidays are coming and the pandemic continues.  More than ever, we need to keep moving and stay connected. Join the challenge for FREE!


Otherwise, you won’t want to do it.  We believe this, we preach this, we practice this.  

Fight boring workouts and try Transformations.  You won’t want to go anywhere else!

Fall Schedules Begin SEPTEMBER 28

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Virtual Memberships Now Available

“If there is one good thing to come out of this pandemic, it is that we have the opportunity to re-unite with members who have moved away or share our favorite classes with family and friends around the world!”

Click to view our LIVE Class schedule and inquire for more information.



Have Fun and Feel Comfortable. Our Gyms Are Designed Just For Women! Childcare is available. Serving the Odenton, Severn, Fort Meade, Glen Burnie and Pasadena areas.

Transformations Fitness for Women is a gym committed to providing a fun, inviting place for women to get – and stay – healthy. Regardless of age or fitness level, we have something for every woman, offering the best in group fitness classes; in addition to other personalized services. As a customer-centered women’s fitness center, we care about our members and strive for their success. Childcare is available.



Personalized Fitness Coaching

As a part of your gym membership, we monitor your progress through monthly meetings to update your program and track your measurements. Available at both the Odenton and Pasadena locations.