Biggest Loser Contest 2018

WIN $500!

Designed for those who are seriously ready to lose some weight!

This contest is open to the public!
Nonmembers may purchase a 6 Week Membership and
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Contest Guidelines:

1.  Contest runs from Feb 12, 2018 through March 31, 2018.
2.  Participants must weigh-in with a staff member once per week (weeks begin on Monday and end on Sunday).
3.  There are seven weekly weigh-ins on your tracking card.  You must fulfill 6 of the 7 weigh-ins to remain active in the contest. If you begin the contest the week of Feb 19, you must weigh-in for the remaining six weeks.
4. Missing weigh-ins makes you ineligible for the grand prize BUT your membership remains active.
5.  Winners will be determined based on the PERCENT body weight lost.
6.  Transformations will provide you with all you need to be successful–use our resources and ask for help if you find yourself stuck!  See the Biggest Loser Guide for Success for a few suggestions.

“The moment you want to QUIT is the moment you make a DIFFERENCE!”